Inspiring Communities to Thrive

Signature Strength is an outreach organization designed to support young people so they can achieve true success in their lives.  A three-tiered approach is offered to help them identify and maximize their own unique strengths.

First Tier:
Signature Strength is a niche publisher that offers sports-themed literature for athletes of all ages, along with a weekly blog series, featuring guest bloggers from various sports, education, and health-related industries.

Second Tier:
Signature Strength schedules many of the guest bloggers and other role models for speaking engagements designed to inspire, influence, and instruct young people. These speakers are powerful presenters who often share their personal motivational stories with diverse audiences, including faith-based, corporate, and educational organizations.

Third Tier:
Signature Strength provides unique, holistically-designed instructional sports camps to help participants achieve success, both on and off the field. The purpose of these camps is to help participants problem solve and strategize – not just in the game, but in their own personal, educational, and eventually professional lives